Supporting Gender Equality

“The first thing you need to do about gender norms is forget them.” - Amy Poehler 

I recently attended an event and donated clothing and copies of my book to Gals Starting Over and Clothes the Deal, two organizations that provide support to low income, injured, ex-felons, and single moms who are returning to the workforce. I am proud to lend my continued support to these organizations as they align with my commitment to SDG #5, gender equality.

Why is gender equality important to economic development? Any development effort must consider the needs of all people, especially those who don’t typically have a voice in decision making, if it is to be sustainable and effective. That’s why gender equality is a critical ingredient in achieving sustainable development.

Mount Saint Mary’s University in Los Angeles is a hub for gender equality research. According to their report on the status of women and girls in California, we are among the most diverse in...

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