OCC provides much more than the others...mindset, visioning, and possibility!

At Ortega Counseling Center, our job has always been to help injured workers find and train for new careers. However, the human side of this work gives us another job.

When someone is injured and told they will no longer be able to continue in their job, it is a shock. They almost always want to return back to the work they know. They want to go back to where they felt powerful in their knowledge and experience. When they are told that they can no longer do the job that they've been at for years, it's very shocking to them and they go through an emotional roller coaster.

This shock can also create a panic and a feeling of helplessness. They often can't envision anything new for themselves. So, the OCC counselors also become  motivational coaches to help them move to the next phase. We help them create a vision for themselves that they can't see alone.

For many, the idea of learning something new is incredibly intimidating. Technology is especially daunting when someone has been...

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