Did you know? Insurance carriers are responsible for obtaining the signed return-to-work from physicians.

The physician’s return-to-work form is a requirement and it triggers the Supplemental Job Displacement Benefit to be issued by the insurance carrier. The law says the voucher is due to the injured worker 60 days from receipt of the signed physician’s return-to-work form. However, many doctors are not complying, so the insurance companies are not issuing the voucher.
In a recent Decision by District Court of Appeals (*see below), it states that the insurance carriers are responsible for obtaining the signed return-to-work from the physicians or issue the voucher if no valid objection for eligibility. As it stands now, insurance companies are forcing injured workers and/or their representatives to get the form, therefore when doctors are not filling them out, the voucher benefits are delayed or simply never issued.
The solution here is for the insurance company to comply with the law and to obtain the form themselves or issue the voucher. Attorneys can send...

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