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OCC Success Stories

injured workers success Apr 05, 2022

At Ortega Counseling Center, we thrive on hearing and sharing good news. You may sometimes wonder what happened to a client after he or she was referred to our center.  Take a look at our most recent success stories.

 A client who worked at a mechanic shop completed an educational program and earned a formal certification. This allowed him to gain employment with the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department. He now spends his days fixing patrol cars!

A client who worked as an administrative assistant for 25 years took an online course and became Certified Nutritionist. She now has a small business and makes passive income in her retirement.  

A client who worked as a clinical lab technician shattered his knee in a work accident. His true passion is music and entertainment and he is currently enrolled in a music school where he is receiving classes from Beyonce’s dad, Dr. Mathew Knowles!  You can watch him share his story here!

Your clients have the right to maximize their retraining voucher and we are here to help them.  You can refer your clients by sending their information to [email protected] or you can fax a request to 877-789-4132

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