My Walk on El Camino de Santiago: Be Friends with High Achievers

Uncategorized Jun 11, 2019

As we neared the end of the Camino, I was determined not to fall behind again. In the morning I would walk with the fastest walkers while my energy was high. I knew I had to keep up with them or walk alone. I was too scared not to be the fastest.

I get excited from the energy of people who are confident about who they are and passionate about what they do. Like the mentors I wrote about earlier, they take you to the next level with them.

High achievers understand that time is their most valuable asset and like-minded people are a close second. I can’t always see what makes someone successful, but I know a high achiever when I see one. They seem to have a sense of who is worth their time and who is looking for instant gratification.

Find people who have what you want and become friends who help each other. These people will be invaluable to exchange ideas, stay grounded, set new goals, share your successes, and hold each other accountable. Peers help you remember what you're working toward.

That group on the Camino kept me motivated to stay up front. They made me continue to care--a lot. It had been a very emotional journey of excitement, vulnerability, ambition, fear, and awe.

In the end, we were the very first of our group to finish--and we were hours ahead of the group to follow next. I borrowed and was inspired by the energy of our little group. I used this energy to propel me forward and get to a place that had seemed out of reach only a few days before. They brought me up with them.

But the journey wasn’t quite over yet...


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