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Looking for Pushy Angels

education give injured workers quality of life May 17, 2022

I have shared my story many times, so you may already know that at a very young age, I had experienced a few lifetime’s worth of heartache and trauma. Then people came into my life and took an interest in me. I refer to them as Pushy Angels; they pushed me to achieve more…but they did it with kindness.

The more I look at my life and the key changes that took place, the more Pushy Angels I recognize. When I was injured at work, my doctor told me I could no longer do my job and strongly encouraged me to enroll in school and get an education. He pushed me.

Later, when I was in graduate school, I often called my younger sister Brenda and told her I was walking out--I couldn't take school any more and I was quitting. 

Her response was, "That's fine. Quit. But not today."

This was the perfect way to push me into going back to school for another day and then another. 

Without these people, among many others who believed in me even when I didn't believe in myself, I would never have opened my eyes to what is possible in life. You certainly would not be reading this message. 

Pushy Angels have radically transformed and empowered my life. As attorneys, you can make a huge impact by encouraging your clients to further their education and training and improve their lives. We can all push others to greatness. Look for the people who need your gifts and give generously!

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