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Return-To-Work Fund Open 

The California Department of Industrial Relations is accepting applications from injured workers to receive a share of a new $120 million Return-To-Work Supplement fund. This means Eligible injured workers will receive a $5,000 check from the employer-funded program.  The injured worker must have already received a $6,000 supplemental job displacement benefit voucher. Then, they must complete the on-line electronic application.


Eligibility for RTWSP:

An applicant must have a date of injury (DOI) on or after Jan. 1, 2013 and have received a Supplemental Job displacement Benefit (SJDB) voucher for said injury.


What is the deadline for applying? 

The application for the supplemental benefit must be received by the RTWSP within one year from the date the Supplemental Job Displacement Benefit (SJDB) voucher was served on the applicant or within one year from April 13, 2015, the implementation date of the regulations, whichever is later.


How to apply: 

The application for this one-time supplemental payment is available online and can be completed from any computer which has access to the internet at  http://www.dir.ca.gov/RTWSP/RTWSP.html.  If there is no access to a computer, every DWC district office has a kiosk near the Information and Assistance office equipped with a computer, scanner, and printer for this use.


Ortega Counseling Center is available to assist our referring clients with this important process!  Please contact us with any questions and/or referrals you may have at toll free:
855-789-7532 or hit reply to this message.




Return To Work Supplement Fund Now Open

*Additional $5,000 now available for those injured after 1/1/2013*


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