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We have over 20 years combined experience of commitment to injured workers, presenting them with the finest vocational counseling for both Spanish and English speaking clients. This experience allows us to provide excellent services by adding a dimension of understanding in this sometimes confusing vocational rehabilitation process. Vocational counseling is an integral part of the injured worker’s path to a successful new career and a better future.

Hazel Ortega

“After working 17 years as a workers’ compensation legal secretary, I became an injured worker. The desk I was using was set up for someone much smaller than me and over the years I developed Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and Cubital Tunnel Syndrome along with problems with my neck. The doctors told me I could no longer do same job. After the initial shock and fear, I chose to continue my education in the field of psychology. Today, I am an Educational Psychologist specializing in vocational training for injured workers.. A Job I LOVE!”


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