Sometimes an injured worker is unable to return to their usual and customary job. This waiting time is sometimes filled with hopelessness and despair …  they may even feel that they’ll never be able to work again. If during this time, they can access vocational return to work services—services that enable workers to consider and see themselves doing something new, this may lesson the despair. Vocational return to work services include assessing to see what other type of work a client may like, be good at, and can do in the face of their injury. If the assessment verifies that the client is capable of starting vocational training to better their chances of gaining employment, then the client will be linked to vocational training services. The overall objective of the vocational training assistance program is to link our clients with agencies that can help enhance the existing skills and/or help our clients obtain new skills required to become more marketable and ready to enter employment. In addition to linking clients with local vocational schools, AIW will provide additional resources to these clients in the form of job readiness workshops scholarship

Job Placement Services

AIW will have an employment specialist on staff that will help to assess the client’s needs and readiness for job placement. After receiving the appropriate training and/or being assessed as job ready, the clients will be linked to jobs that meet their skill set. This will be done by using AIW’s network of job resources and when needed the client will be referred out to other job placement agencies in the area. These agencies include: 1) Comet Employment Agency, Inc.; 2) AJL Staffing Resources LLC; 3) Express Employment Professionals; 4) Staff It Inc.; 5) CM Staffing Resource Group Inc.; and 6) I Q Personnel.


Workshops will be offered to clients based on the need(s) determined from the assessment. AIW will host workshops focusing in the areas of job readiness, interview preparation, financial planning, money management, and government benefits available to people with disabilities. When needed, clients will be referred out to other local workshops in these areas. The goal of these workshops is to teach clients basic skills and have the tools for a fulfilling work future.


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